Store App

The complete solution for in-store staff

Omnichannel Retail begins here

Full coverage of all in-store activities. And so much more.

Why choose Store App

The phisycal store is the weak point of the Omnichannel Retail strategy

The customer is not identified

Not all products are sold

Availability and stocks are not known through the whole network

The store is not connected with the other sales channels and corporate systems

This means

On the customer’s side

An incomplete, unsatisfactory and uncustomized shopping experience

On the brand’s side

Lost sales and customer dissatisfaction

Our solution

Providing in-store staff with a comprehensive tool with: Retailing, Clienteling, and Operations functionalities.

What is Store App

Store App can offer all of the store functionalities, with a unique user experience, inside of a single mobile app.

Sales and checkout process, customer relationship, store operations: an all-in-one working tool for in-store staff.


Full sales experience


Accurate customer management


Full operative efficiency

The physical store meets the Omnichannel experience.

Endless possibilities for in-store sales assistants


Product catalog

  • Full access to the whole catalog, both available and unavailable items
  • Sales guide with upselling and cross-selling product suggestions
  • Product features and info

Sales and checkout

  • One single sales process for both available and unavailable products
  • Direct integration with cash desk, payment and report systems
  • Full management of discounts and promotions


Customer Relationship

  • Full access to the CRM with all customer data
  • Creation of new customer account that can be associated with the store visit

Profiling and assistance

Preferences and purchase history analysis to foster direct and customized communication


Information management

Multiple filters to access product information and stock availability

Full and cross-channel access to stock

Access to the stock of all sales channels (physical shop, other stores, online store, central warehouse) and management of orders and bookings

One product, endless benefits

  • Conversion Rate increase
  • Reduction of lost-sales rate
  • Average customer spending increase
  • More customer data
  • Centralized sales operations
  • Better brand image
  • Stock optimization
  • Increase in operative efficiency
  • Better performance analysis
  • Better information flow through brand, stores and customers