How we apply Design Thinking in our digital solutions

What we do

We design apps and services that can meet both users’ needs and business requirements.

User Interface Design (UI)

The interface that the user sees

User Experience Design (UX)

The experience lived by the user while using the service

Service Design

What the service is about, how it will be used, etc.

Our method

We work following an iterative process which can be adapted according to the project and the client’s needs, defining a tailor-made approach.

1. Exploration and research

We start by defining driving question which can help identifying the people whom we are actually designing for.

  • Defining the research questions
  • Identifying the users’ real needs

2. Gathering insights

We gather insights by doing interviews and observations to find the real needs.

  • Creating empathy through observation and interviews
  • Taking insights

3. Benchmark

Next, we look for inspiration, looking for existing solutions which can help rethinking the service. This phase helps discarding obvious solutions and find innovative ideas.

  • Conducting competitive analysis
  • Combining research results with the benchmark
  • Creating multiple concepts

4. Prototyping

We build prototypes to give shape to ideas and finding elements that need to be improved.

  • Implementing prototypes

5. Revision

We gather the feedback and we take several iterations in order to improve the solutions.


  • Conducting user tests
  • Gathering feedback

6. Finalization

Once we get to the final solution, we share the outputs with all the stakeholders involved and the development phase can begin.


  • Writing the technical documentation for the solution
  • Sharing with multiple stakeholders

Design Thinking and Agile Development

We merge Design Thinking with the Agile Development methodology: unlike other software houses we offer an in-house design team who can design scalable concepts and proposals, from MVP to additional features, reducing development costs and efforts. 

Supporting tools

Depending on the project, we can benefit from several kinds of tools across all phases in order to consolidate the design proposal with the client and/or provide technical details to the development and test teams.

Here is a list of the tools we use more often.


A map to showcase the entire process of the service, listing all the activities performed by all stakeholders for each phase


Analyzing the existing service (mobile or web app) to evaluate compliancy with usability principles and find any points of improvement 


“Low fidelity” layouts which can outline the contents of each screen 


Static screens which define the interface to be developed


An interactive tool to simulate the final interaction and experience


We export mockups to a dedicated platform which can generate technical specs and code snippets for Flutter and other development languages. Thanks to these tools it’s also possible to test the responsiveness of components across several screen sizes.

Case studies

User Experience Consultancy


  • Analyzed and designed web and mobile apps, using mockups and tech specs
  • Standardized technical documentation
  • Created a dynamic design system
  • Adopted Agile methodology for design and development activities

Mobile App

Fashion Retail

We designed a mobile app that can manage different eyewear department stores in the Korean market through an iterative approach: vari punti vendita Eyewear nel mercato coreano:

  • Worked step by step to define a co-designed solution
  • Adopted a design approach based on fast prototyping

Service Design

Fashion Wholesale

We built a new service to manage Wholesale Fashion stores with a tailor-made approach for different clients.

  • Analyzed and searched for new market trends
  • Conducted brief user interviews to define needs and next steps
  • Followed an iterative design approach based on fast prototyping
  • Designed a customizable and scalable mobile app, based on different business needs

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