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DS Group is a consulting firm focused on omnichannel digital transformation of companies lead by Romeo Quartiero, Founder & CEO, and founded in 1991.

In our offices in Milan and Rome, we offer Artificial Intellicence, Design and Agile solutions in two separate business units:

  • Enterprise, dedicated to large corporations that aim to seize new digital-enabled business opportunities
  • Fashion & Retail, providing innovative omnichannel solutions for the main sales channels (Wholesale, Showroom, Retail and eCommerce).

We evolved through the years both in structure and technology, achieving excellence in mobility software integration and working for prestigious clients in several market industries.


Technology deeply transforms and expands the Digital industry, improving the way we live and work.

Companies are keeping on creating a wider range of possibilities. Sales methods are evolving and responding to new needs of customers who are more aware and informed.

These profound changes in the service model are now developing in the Retail industry and in individual stores.


We are ‘consultants’ proposing and developing solutions that help large companies seize new digital-enabled business opportunities.

We help companies increase their sales through digital transformation across various sales channels, particularly on physical stores.

We build a new generation of human-centred applications based on Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

Digital solutions for all industries

Web bring innovation into people’s daily lives, developing B2B and B2C solutions for all application areas:

Media & Telco

Contact Center and omnichannel automated IVR to improve interaction and communication with customers


Solutions for carriers, couriers and freight forwarders to perform daily tasks on mobile devices


 Digitization of the physical store, Omnichannel experience, support on sales activities, omnichannel eCommerce systems development


B2B solutions to manage all field activities through desktop and mobile


Mobile apps for travel staff and B2C application to book and manage all the travel-related services

Oil & Gas

Voice Order apps to manage fuel orders in service stations


  Mobile Banking and Image Recognition technologies to analayze interbank documents

Food & Beverage

Mobile solutions to manage the processes of product supply, sales and positioning

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