Founder & CEO

     Romeo Quartiero

Romeo Quartiero

DS Group was founded by Romeo Quartiero, current CEO of the brand.

His story, from the degree he received in Information Science in Milan, to consulting and all the way to 1991, the year he founded the software house that would later become today’s highly specialized consulting company, is the story of a precursor of trends and digital waves. Romeo Quartiero is also Director of ADICO and of Retail Institute Italy.


Positive Business Award for the Positive Business Image category (Palo Alto School, 2015)

Best in Show with the project Digital Boutique (Italian Popai Award, 2015)

National Award for Innovation in ICT Services (Confcommercio, 2012)

Excellence Award in Innovative ICT (ManagerItalia, 2009)

Most innovative Italian solution of the year for the project Tabula Clinica (2007)