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What we do

Mobile digital solutions for Enterprises

We design apps available on various platforms and devices, with a tailor-made approach based of the specific client’s needs, integrated with the existing corporate systems and supported by the most innovative Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Optimized end-to-end management throughout all the phases of the implementation

  • Service Design analysis
  • UX and UI design
  • Customization
  • Integration and development
  • Training
  • Coaching and technical support
  • First and second level Help Desk service (can be also Multilanguage)

We have pionereed innovative development technologies such as Flutter, with which we have already designed and implemented relevant applications in the Fashion, Energy and Retail industries, offering low development times and costs together with high software quality, thanks to the implementation of automated tests.
For this reason we are in fact one of the most important Flutter Competence Centers in Italy.

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Years of experience in Mobile applications

Mobile projects


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Experience meets expertise

Our mobile solutions can embrace any mobility business process

Sales activities

We allow sales agents to be always available, online and offline, during all phases of customer relationship.

Field operations

We create solutions for field workforce to perform operational activities directly on mobile devices.

Management activities

In-store staffback-office and other professionals can optimize their management activies by adopting tools than can improve efficiency and efficacy.

Rapporto con il cliente

Sviluppiamo applicazioni B2C che permettono ai consumatori finali di fare shopping e interagire con il brand ovunque si trovino.

Case studies

Our mobile solutions for all market industries

Sales Force Automation

Fashion & Retail

  • Customer registry
  • Full access to products cagalog and media content, online and offline
  • Multibrand management
  • Integration with web portals, CRMs and ERPs
  • Reports
  • First level multilanguage support, available 365 days a year

App B2C


The mobile app can manage all activities related to a trip purchase and other additional services.

  • Booking management
  • Access to travel details
  • Access to products catalog and additional services
  • Integration with fidelity programs and corporate back-office systems
  • Customer support available through chat e and users’ feedback management

    Tracking & Delivery


    Mobile app for workers operating in the Logistic industry that can track the whole delivery process.

    • Parcels acceptance and assignment
    • Route plan management
    • Withdrawal and delivery process
    • Digital signature acquisition
    • Live updates of the work plan
    • Online and offline data sync

      Mobile Banking


      The app allows the users to access and manage their own financial information everywhere.

      • Review and management of the user’s bank account
      • Credit / Debit Cards management
      • Access to all documentation
      • Digital payments and bank transfers
      • Budget plan
      • Investments management and trading

        Workforce & Fieldforce Automation


        Mobile applications for field workers that need to perform activities such as the activation of new services or technical maintenance on the electrical network and/or on electronic meters.

        • Setup of smart meters
        • Management of the motor pool
        • Execution of activities such as verification, installation and removal of electrical supplies
        • Overview of the electrical network

          Retail App

          Fashion & Retail

          Mobile apps that can manage the department stores located in shopping centres. The store staff can:

          • Track the sales and returns process
          • View the products catalog and the stock availability
          • Manage the inventory
          • Access the media supplied by the brand
          • View the sales reports

            Service Device Management

            A single touchpoint service to fully manage your corporate devices

            Key features

            More than 20 years of experience focused on Mobile services

            Hardware and software installation, configuration on corporate devices

            Device protection and data security

            Forms reception, digitalization and storage

            Delivery management of the devices to the client through carrier

            Direct relationship with supplier/Telco for replacement, thefts, verification of data SIM thresholds, document handling

            Alert Stock hardware management

            Client / user, device and SIM registry management

            Monthly reports

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