The complete platform for your mobility

Modular, scalable, integrable, multi-platform, cloud based, solid and innovative are the features that have made the Combenia platform an acknowledged market success, and earned it the prestigious 2012 “National Award for Innovation in ICT services” (known as BusinessPad and Generation), which represents the highest recognition of expertise, competence and innovation in Italy.

Combenia is much more than just a business app. It is a comprehensive platform, the result of over ten years of mobility experience, during which we have developed some major mobility projects for prestigious Italian and international companies in a variety of market sectors: fashion & luxury, pharmaceuticals, transport & logistics, consumer products, food & beverage, utility, and finance.


End-to-end mobility

Our goal is to be a reliable partner of choice for your business, and to do this we embrace projects from start to finish. We have consolidated expertise in every aspect of implementing a mobility solution: initial scenario analysis, functional specification, process and systems design, development and project management, lab testing and installation, training and support in the deployment stage, and help desk service. We stay at your company’s side throughout the entire life cycle of the mobile solution we provide.

Any market sector, any mobile worker

In over 17 years of specializing in mobile solutions, we’ve had the opportunity to work with companies operating in many different market sectors, each with its own specific mobility requirements. We take the time to analyze and understand each company’s specific needs in-depth, with the result that today our business applications successfully support the day-to-day tasks of some 150,000 mobile workers around the world.

Online and offline operation

We believe that mobile apps that depend on a network connection can’t fully support field workers in their jobs. For this reason, our mobile solutions often have an “asynchronous architecture” that lets the app function perfectly even when the device is offline, so that field force workers can always do their job. The app then waits for a connection to become available to sync its data with the company’s centralized IT systems.

Any mobile device, any operating system

Through all of our engagement with mobility, we’ve never tied ourselves to one technology. We always thought it much more interesting to use them all. Thanks to this approach, we’ve built up proficiency and skill working with every type of mobile device and operating system. This guarantees secure, dependable solutions, irrespective of whether the device is a smartphone, tablet or touch-table, running Apple iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or HTML5.

Any enterprise backend integration

In the course of our history, we’ve encountered many different enterprise applications from which information and data needed to be “taken mobile”. No matter what backend systems a company uses, our technology can integrate them with the mobile app solution, to keep the field-force continually updated and in touch with the back-office, for a more close-knit business operation.