Contact Center Infrastructure

Advanced solutions to improve interaction and communications with your customers

What we do

Omnichannel integration

Our solutions can adopt several tools to communicate with customers – following omnichannel and governance principles – by coordinating and managing communications through a unified integration platform and allowing the users to choose their favorite communication channel, without any information being lost.

Automated and Self-service systems

We provide Customer Care services that can give users helpful responses without using human resources but through automated systems based on semantic engines, voice recognition, virtual assistants and text-to-speech technologies; these systems can operate 24/7, providing extended Customer Support services.

Customer-centric services

The customers can choose their favorite communication channel, taking advantage of user centred support services that can be extended on the different access channels. The user can have quick access to information without experiencing long waiting times.

Integration with Enterprise systems

Our solutions can easily integrate with the existing IT services, extracting all the necessary data to manage the communication with customers and providing the best response to their needs.

Our added value

Proven experience in Omnichannel Services, especially Contact Center and Mobile

Customer Experience optimization to guarantee full customer satisfaction

Technical and strategic partnerships with leading companies in the industry

Unified environment to manage the Omnichannel experience

Unified System Integration with back-end


High capacity of interaction with customers

Costs saving and efficiency

Artificial Intelligence, v-Commerce and Chatbots:
a big opportunity for everyone

AI, Chatbots and v-Commerce are relevant tools to persuade companies to evolve their Contact Center services in an omnichannel and multidevice perspective.
This era generates endless opportunies to operate in various industries – such as Carriers, Retail, Finance, Transportation, Utilities – to provide solutions and services that can evolve the existing Contact Centers.

Case studies

Our Contact Center solutions to improve customer support

Self-service IVR, Contact Center and Reporting for Consumer and Business customers


  • Development and maintenance
  • Business e Consumer Customer Care
  • B2B Support Services Dealer
  • Activation info and offers management
  • NBA Campaign offers

IVR B2B per il gestore

Oil & Gas

  • Development and maintenance
  • Order management, delivery status and fuel prices
  • Management of promotional campaigns
  • On-premise or SaaS service

B2C Self-service for technical, business and administration assistance


  • Development and maintenance