Service Design & Design Thinking

How we apply Design Thinking to our digital solutions, using a human-centred approach

What we do

We help companies create and improve their processes and systems, designing apps, services and tools that can meet both users’ needs and business requirements.

Our approach

We co-design our services, involving all the stakeholders in order to obtain a specific and shared output, throughout all the different phases of the project. Furthermore, we deeply analyze the different user flows and define a 360-degrees tailor-made strategy, adopting the Design Thinking and Agile methodologies.

Our method

We follow an iterative workflow that merges Design Thinking with Service Design principles: this process can be customized depending on the project and the client’s needs, creating a tailor-made approach.

1. Exploring and researching

  • We analyze the state of the art and collect all the requirements, identifying both client’s and users’ needs
  • We conduct a wide-range research, finding several relevant examples and case studies

2. Defining intents

  • We validate the first insights
  • We outline the various processes with a user journey map
  • We identify the next steps, such as quick winsand long-term solutions
  • We design the high-level architecture of the solution

3. Designing

  • We draw rough sketches and wireframes to define the first layout
  • We create mockups, defining a solid and consistent user interface
  • We build prototypes to test the solutions and the user interaction

4. Sharing

  • We share our proposals with the client
  • We gather feedback and further insights
  • We identify possible business / development issues or constraints

5. Reviewing

We take several iterations with the client to improve the solutions.

6. Validating

  • We review our solutions and check their consistency with the initial business requirements
  • We conduct user tests and interviews
  • We gather any further requests from the client or the users
  • We improve our solutions by taking further iterations of the process

The benefits of Service Design and Design Thinking

Test and improve solutions before they go live

Reduce development costs and efforts

Create value for end users and stakeholders

Build a distinctive brand experience

Maximize your business potential

Our services

Service Design

We build innovative services adopting new technologies, merging both physical and digital worlds.

User Experience and User Interface (UX / UI) Design

We design web and mobile apps that can fully meet the user’s needs.

Data Visualization

We optimize the reporting tools to improve data comprehension.

Design Thinking and Agile Methodology

We build innovative services adopting new technologies, merging both physical and digital worlds.

Case studies

User Experience Consultancy


  • Analyzed and designed web and mobile apps, using mockups and tech specs
  • Standardized technical documentation
  • Created a dynamic design system
  • Adopted Agile methodology for design and development activities

Mobile App

Fashion Retail

We designed a mobile app that can manage different eyewear department stores in the Korean market through an iterative approach: vari punti vendita Eyewear nel mercato coreano:

  • Worked step by step to define a co-designed solution
  • Adopted a design approach based on fast prototyping

Service Design

Fashion Wholesale

We built a new service to manage Wholesale Fashion stores with a tailor-made approach for different clients.

  • Analyzed and searched for new market trends
  • Conducted brief user interviews to define needs and next steps
  • Followed an iterative design approach based on fast prototyping
  • Designed a customizable and scalable mobile app, based on different business needs

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