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In order to shorten the distance between buyers and fashion brands, DS Group has created an advanced communication touchpoint, making use of cutting-edge video collaboration techniques. Smart Showroom digitizes the experience of presenting and selling new collections, both in showrooms and out-of-store, offering customers the option of defining and placing orders even remotely.

The competitive advantages of Smart Showroom

Interaction always wins

Offer your buyers new possibilities for remote interaction. And forget about traditional showroom sales methods.

There’s room for all

You and your buyers can now involve more people in the sales process.

Smart management

Better manage the sales activities of any pop-up collections, seasonal flash sales, mini-collections or any in-season reorders. All the variants for each article can be displayed via rendering.

More optimization, less costs

Improve sample collection creation processes and order management. Your buyers save by reducing travel and taking advantage of reduced time-to-market.

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The 4 steps of Smart Showroom

Always at your side

DS Group offers you optimized end-to-end management throughout all the project phases: analysis and Service Design, configuration and customization of your Smart Showroom, development and integration with your existing company management software.

First contact

With Smart Showroom you can share information in digital format with your buyer, creating a virtual meeting and proposing a complete remote showroom visit.

Front row seats to all the latest

Smart Showroom allows you to share videos of fashion shows or trunk shows, sketches and renderings, photo shoots, digital look books and images taken from the sales assistant’s smartphone with your buyers.

Everything is shared

Enter the requested order in the shared application, making a final recalcution of the purchased assortment.

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Discover the complete offering by DS Group for Smart Showrooms

Optimized end-to-end management of each implementation phase, including Analysis and Service Design

Design, configuration and customization of a solution tailor-made for you

Development and integration of Smart Showroom with your existing company management software

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Distance Sales

The new contact and sales channel.

Distance Sales is a new assisted and customized purchasing dynamics, the best of the shopping experience halfway between a physical store and an e-commerce.

Distance Sales Platform - 1to1 Live Shopping

Convenient and efficient interaction

A new digital selling ceremony for your brand that does not replace but rather supplements what takes place in-store. A unique and convenient customer experience.

Endless Aisle

Sales assistants can display the entire catalogue, access additional and digital information and create ad hoc looks for the customer.

Payment and delivery

The Distance Sales process ends with online payment and home delivery or pick up at the customer’s store of choice.

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Artificial Intelligence

An indispensable commodity.

A tailor-made solution to cater to customers’ need for efficiency and competitiveness, thanks to the integrated use of Artificial Intelligence.

AI for business

Over 15% of customer relationship services are managed by artificial intelligence-based software.

Increased ROI

Investments in Artificial Intelligence result in increased competitiveness and a significant ROI.

4 solutions

Our four main AI solutions are: speech recognition, chatbots (intelligent virtual assistants), computer vision and predictive analytics.

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Data Analytics

Only what is measured can be improved

The offering of DS Group also includes the most advanced Data Analytics tools, to acquire and process company data.

Driving strategy

Through Data Analytics processes, DS Group provides customers with reports and indicators that aid them in better promoting their business.

Business Intelligence and Business Analytics

The combination of these two assets optimizes the information needed to reach business objectives, improving customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Power BI

Our Data Scientists are specialized in the use of Microsoft Power BI to transform large amounts of data into strategic information.

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Mobile Solutions

All our expertise at the service of your business.

DS Group are leaders in the design and development of software tailored to each mobile business process.

Sales activities

Our Mobile Solutions enable sales agents to always be present in the most pertinent contact times with customers, both physically and remotely.

On-field operations

The solutions allow on-field personnel to carry out operational activities directly on mobile devices.

Customer oriented

The Mobile Solutions include B2C solutions for end consumers, to manage the relationship and interaction between customer and company.

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Sales Agents App

Support for your mobile sales activities.

DS Group supports sales activities through a multi-platform and multi-device solution, which can be integrated with company management software.

All in one management

Optimize the management of sales agents’ order entry and return processes, from a single device.

Up-to-date content

Easily view catalogues, price lists and data that are always kept up-to-date on product availability.

Sales monitoring

Monitor sales and performance in real time.

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